About Us

We are a small team of dedicated, hard working, generous & fun-loving floral designers, artists, & friends. We are seriously committed to making sure our clients have a worry free floral experience knowing that every single thing down to the very last detail is taken care of. 

Meet the Flora Family

Molly has spent her lifetime loving flowers. Growing up in Central New York some of her favorite memories include wandering through acres of abandoned lilac groves behind her house, visiting her grandmother’s extensive flower and vegetable gardens, and later living in Europe, surrounded by beautiful markets and floral displays that were a part of everyday life.

Raised in a family of entrepreneurs, Molly took her love of flowers and combined it with her goal of owning a business - which would allow her to lead with love and light. After a brief career in broadcast journalism and a much longer (ongoing) career of motherhood she began her formal training at the Texas State Floral Association and continued her education under designers of international renown. 

Molly reminds us to "take time to slow down to speed up" and to put the important things first, which are people and service to others. She wants to make the world a better place- more joyful, more appreciative, and more generous. She believes that it is a privilege to be a part of your milestone event and treats every single client like family.

When she is not in the flower studio you can usually find her with her amazing husband (and senior business advisor) Tom and their 5 grownish kids, enjoying time with friends, traveling the world, and volunteering for various organizations.  If she cries at your wedding, don’t be surprised!

Favorite food: Chocolate
Favorite flower: Lilac
Hidden talent: Accordion master (in training), and making a sick playlist for our busy weeks

Molly Copa

Hattie Sloane

"One of my earliest memories is sitting cross legged in my grandmother’s garden drinking a Coca-Cola and planting bulbs for the spring. She was an avid gardener, floral designer and watercolor painter. Everything she did was magical and fantastic and dreamy, but I never realized how deeply she had laid the groundwork for my entire life at such a young age."  

After finishing her masters degree in fine arts, moving back to Texas, and painting for a year in her watercolor studio she realized that flowering was meant to be a part of her life. She started at Flora Fetish washing buckets and processing flowers just to be around other creatives and soak up as much knowledge as possible. Four years later she is now our creative director and lead designer. She loves clients who trust her to design works of floral art through her deep knowledge of color, texture, composition, balance and movement.

When she is not in the flower studio you can find her painting in her watercolor studio, riding bicycles with her boyfriend Pete, growing unique plants in the garden to give our designs a little something extra, organizing ALL the things, and brewing a mean french press.

Favorite Food: Mexican & Margs all day
Favorite Flower: Poppies
Hidden Talent: JOKES! Even though they usually don’t land….

Creative director/ lead designer

Owner / Lead Designer/ Boss babe

Maran Brown

Moose Sloane

Ladybird Copa

Maran is an Austin transplant from Rapid City, South Dakota. She moved to Austin in 2019 to be with her long distance boyfriend (now husband) Andrew! Maran has a background in warehouse management, event production and draping and has brought so much energy and experience with her to Texas. She has been the perfect addition to the team, taking on a lot of the day to day operations including: flower processing & prep, mechanic building, rental pulling & detailing, making sure the shop stays clean & organized, bouquet prep, garland making, all while learning everything she can about floral design!

When she is not in the flower studio you can find her practicing bouquet making with leftover flowers, cooking, playing with her three kitties, going on adventures with her husband Andrew, playing video games, & drinking an ice cold IPA.

Favorite Food: Tacos
Favorite Flower: Ranunculus
Hidden Talent: Animal ESP...... She can sense when her fur babies are being bad.

Studio Manager

Moose also joined the team in August of 2019 with a background in puppin' real hard. You can usually find Moose in the studio laying in a ray of sunshine, playing with his BFF Birdie, patrolling the FF parking lot, or shredding stuff he's not supposed to. In his free time Moose enjoys going on walks, biting sticks, digging big holes in the backyard & playing fetch. 

Favorite food: Literally anything edible (or not)
Favorite flower: Anything with a woody stem
Hidden Talent: Practitioner of puppy yoga

Birdie joined the team in August 2019. She has extensive experience in being the cutest springer spaniel that ever was. You can usually find Birdie in the studio searching for any type of berry to munch on, playing with her BFF Moose, or keeping the shop safe from passing squirrels. In her free time Birdie enjoys playing in the backyard, rolling in dead snakes, defluffing toys & brand new dog beds. 

Favorite food: TREEEETS
Favorite flower: Whatever she can find and hide
Hidden Talent: Looking sad on command 


Branch Manager


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a few of
our favorite things

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a few of
our favorite things

Unknown. Colorful soldierfish banded sole jump. Floating ear snail fishy grow.



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a few of
our favorite things