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Carrie is the owner and creative mind behind all things Flora Fetish! You can count on her to bring your wedding dreams to life. Carrie has an extensive portfolio displaying all wedding styles! Check out her portfolio here.

Q & A with Carrie

The Perfect day in Austin is…

exploring Congress with a friend and shopping the boutique stores along with finding free time for scouting a new Austin restaurant

My favorite flower is…

If I only could pick one flower bloom it would be a coral peony. I do have 2 first place favorites and the other is the fuchsia phalepnosis.

I’m passionate about…

My passion falls into travel and exploring new city sites or countries. My 2nd passion is planning trips to a new lake or pond with my dad to catch the largest fish ever

Favorite quote…

“Tomorrow may never come so do everything you can today”

When I’m stressed I like to…S

Stress takes me into the cleaning frenzy, hockey game, and not to say the least seeing the best massage therapist in town.

If I won the lottery, you’d find me…

Winning of course has always been on my mind, so occasionally I do find myself buying that lotto ticket. My heart and portion of funds would be to funding a school that needs new uniforms, a children’s program, humane society donation, helping with the elderly in some way, lots of travel plans and being completely debt free. I also have a love to research the stock market so I am sure investments would play a large role.

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