Wedding Florist in Austin, TX

 Premiere Wedding Florist in Austin, TX

Wedding Florist in Austin, TX

We begin the design process following the completion of our consultation form. A member of our team will be in touch to schedule a complimentary consultation in our showroom located at 13033 Pond Springs Road, Austin, TX. Here are some frequently asked questions to help get you started.

What can I expect from Flora Fetish?
— You can expect a team of experts to guide you through the design process. We customize every event to the client’s vision. We take a hands-on approach to design and our designers are invested in your event from the initial consultation. We are available to answer questions at any point in the design process. We love open communication with our clients!

How do I schedule a consultation?
— We can be reached by phone, email, or through our consultation form on the contact page of our website! We actively check all three formats during regular business hours! We can also schedule over the phone consultations.

What do I need to bring for a consultation?
— We suggest you bring a few items with you Color samples, Inspiration boards, Venue layout design (if available). The more information the better!

Should I have a floral budget prepared?
— You should definitely have a number in mind. Our designs are completely customized to fit your vision. We can offer you options to stay within your budgetary limits. We can provide a basic floral pricing guide. However, many factors affect pricing – experience, quality, season, flower type and style.

Do you offer appointment on the weekends?
— We have a select number of Saturday morning appointments available. These appointments are the first to book. Every member of our design team is on-site for our events. Therefore, we can only take a limited number of Saturday appointments. These appointments are in the morning before our designers leave for floral installations. We are closed on Sunday to spend time with our families!

Do you schedule off site meetings?
— Yes, we meet with clients and the coordinator at the venue. This is usually only necessary if you have a full design plan, large floral design projections, or we are working at a new venue!

Can I rent just décor from Flora Fetish?
— We only rent our décor to our clients.

How does Flora Fetish stand out against other floral companies in Austin?
— We are a 19 year well-established and reputable business. This gives us an advantage because we truly know the industry and the professionals in this industry. Our designers also have a high level of training and education. With this experience, it becomes easy to work with any style a bride brings to the table. It just all comes down to the level of experience we have at Flora Fetish.

How far in advance should a couple book Flora Fetish for their wedding?
— We tend to book 6 to 8 months in advance. The earlier the better! It allows more time for consultations and a smoother transition if the client decides to change from the original plan!

If you have any additional questions, send us email!